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Thompson Global Logistics are an integrated part of the pallet-track network which has recently relocated to a new central hub facility and now has 65 shareholder members.

Since starting the network operations over 4 years ago, it has continued to grow in pallet volumes. This has now grown from an average of 1,000 pallets and is now handling around 4,000 to 5,000 pallets each night.

It is now expected the new facility will handle up to 8,000 to 9,000 pallets per night. The new hub is 267,300 sq ft (24,900 sq m) in size so therefore has a large space capacity.

The new site is located in Bilston and has the following:

  • Fully secured perimeter site.

  • A gatehouse facility with security

  • Contained transport/operations offices which are opposite, the main section of the warehouse.

  • Offers a 24 hour operation.


  Pallet track are also working to reduce the company’s carbon footprint by the following means:
  • Low voltage high bay lighting.
  • Lower fuel emissions
  • Consolidation – Fewer trips and keeping vehicles stationary as long as possible whilst the vehicles are in the hub.

At TGL we have a variety of vehicles available to meet all clients transportation requirements which include;

  • 7.5 TONNER
    8FT – 9FT in height with tail-lift facility
  • 18 TONNER
    10FT-11FT in height with tail-lift facility
    Single deck trailer -13”6FT in height
     Double deck trailer – 13”6FT in height

Thompson Global Logistics Tel 01377 259160